Range of treatment

Our range of treatment comprises dentistry in its entirety, apart from orthodontics and paediatric dentistry. Of special importance are prophylaxis, periodontology, implants and crown bridgework dentures.


Computer-aided tooth reconstruction

High quality ceramic fillings and crowns produced and inserted in just one session!

CERECFor years we have used the CEREC method in our practice for the production of fillings and crowns. It was developed in Zurich by Professor Werner Mörmann.

Using a special 3D camera, we first of all make dental impressions of the tooth being treated. Then a suitable filling or crown is designed on screen and the tooth reconstruction is ground out fully automatically from a ceramic block corresponding to your tooth colour. Finally, the reconstruction is attached with cement.


Dental implants for permanent and removable dentures

ImplantsWe have been planning and implementing implant work in our practice for the restoration of one or more teeth since 1986.

We work with high quality Straumann Swiss implants.

Periodontology & prophylaxis

Prevention and treatment of  gum disease

PeriodontologyPrvention and treatment of gum disease and the periodontium are the bases of all successful dental treatment.

Within the context of periodontal treatment, we treat:

  • Gum inflammation
  • Gum and bone loss
  • Periodontitis

We treat periodontitis with mechanical and chemical cleaning of the root surfaces, antibiotics and - if necessary - surgically with bone replacement materials.

Dentures, fillings & endodontics

Dentures, fillings & root canal treatment

DenturesWe prefer production of crowns and permanent bridges from milled zirconium oxide ceramics. Metal ceramics and metal plastic also form part of our repertoire. 

We use composite plastic and CEREC ceramics for dental fillings, and gold and amalgam on request.

In terms of endodontics (root canal treatment), we work with state of the art treatment technology and biocompatible root canal filling cement.

In addition, four independent dental hygienists have their own practice on our premises:

Alessandra Milani

Frédérique Rünzi

Carmela Ballistreri

Stefania Bonafede


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We bill our services according to the SSO scale of charges. Tax point value: CHF 3.60